My name is Vitali Klatt. I was born in 1972 in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the part of the country, which you can no longer find on the world map today. 20 years later I left the vanishing country called the Soviet Union. In 2001 I entered the Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe (Akademie der bildenden Künste in Karlsruhe). I did not plan to enter the Academy and I cannot say that to become an artist was the dream of my life. Probably, I entered accidentally. It was a prank of the young man who decided to test his skills at the entrance exam just out of curiosity. My friend and I applied for admission. But I just wanted to support him during the exams. And here, a letter of admission to the Academy was in front of me, and I still doubted. Finally I decided to study there. And my friend, unfortunately, was not admitted to the Academy. Becoming an artist is not easy because it is almost impossible to learn the God-given talent. Even more, The thing is that over the last hundred years there were all kinds of directions, styles, shapes, and attempts of fashion in art. That is why it becomes almost impossible to find something new from classical to modern art. Long ago the layman considered the artist to be a poor or a famous man. It is the second point that attracts the students of the academy. I watched them roaming around the rooms, searching their talent, waiting for inspiration. As a result, almost all the students pass the final exam. But, alas, depressing statistics mercilessly show that only a small percentage of graduates actually become artists. However I have to realize that I still have not found my talent. My professor was Franz Ackermann. He is a very interesting person and artist. He later confessed that after my admission to the academy the professors could not decide who would teach me. And only Franz Ackermann agreed to take me. As classical art was always my love I was lucky that this professor was my trainer. I was encouraged very much by his methods of teaching and mostly by his defense of my style before the professorial audience. It was during the period of study from 2001 to 2006 that I finally decided to become an artist. In 2006 I was awarded by the academy on the winter academic exhibition, the same year I received a three-month scholarship to study in Ireland, in Limerick. In 2007 I continued studying for a Master’s degree. Now, I’m an artist.

In 2010 I began to carry out my childhood dream and molded my first paleocomposition of skutozavr and Inostrantcevia. Thus the paleoworldstudio project was started. In the beginning only the Permian period animals were planned to be reconstructed in the project, because that period is the least studied and includes the most unusual creatures in my opinion. However paleoworldstudio produces animals of different ages. My main task is not only to reconstruct the appearance of certain extinct fauna representatives but to make a complete animal scene of a particular region and era using the same scale. Thus paleoworldstudio figures are interesting for making dioramas. Paleoworldstudio tries to adhere to a strict scale for its reconstruction. For example, the Permian animals are shown using the scale 1×10, Mesozoic reptiles 1×40 and Cenozoic mammals 1×20. The choice of this scale is not accidental. The fact is that the most ancient animals were not big and a smaller scale would cause them to be molded too scanty. Dinosaurs are well known by their gigantism and a larger scale would complicate their production. Cenozoic animal size is comfortable somewhere in the middle. Although australopiteks are presented as quite miniature works.
As for the future paleoworldstudio project and urzeitshop are going to make a series of flying lizards.
The most important thing in the paleoworldstudio project is my using the experience as an artist and trying to draw information exclusively from the latest works of contemporary scientists in the reconstruction. Naturally I fill the knowledge voids using my artistic intuition. I hope I do it pretty well.